Activities and Events

29 November 2018: The SUSTEIN team read and discussed Sarah Ives’ Steeped in Heritagecontinuing the reading club’s theme of sustainability and temporality.

28 November 2018: Christian Vium (associate professor of anthropology at Aarhus University) gave a seminar on visual methods in ethnographic research, including a presentation of his own work and a fascination discussion on ethics and access.

14-16 November 2018: Martin participated in the Seedways symposium at the Royal Academy in Stockholm, where he learned about the dispersal, evolution and commodification of seeds and plants in a warming world. The symposium was hosted by Professors Bengt Karlsson and Annika Rabo.

29 October 2018: Hannah left for three weeks of fieldwork in Kenya to study tea farms and tea factories.

26 October 2018: The SUSTEIN team met for their first reading club, chaired by Hannah. We read and discussed essays about the relationship between time and sustainability:

  • Kim, Anna, Pratima Bansal, and Helen Mary Haugh. “No Time Like the Present: How a Present Time Perspective Can Foster Sustainable Development.” Academy of Management Journal.
  • Persoon, Gerardus Antonius, and Diny ME van Est. “The study of the future in anthropology in relation to the sustainability debate.” (2000): 7-29.
  • Ferry, Elizabeth. “Claiming futures.” Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 22, no. S1 (2016): 181-188.

23 October 2018: Hannah presented research at the University of Durham on temporality and infrastructure in Kenya.

1-6 October 2018: Matthew presented SUSTEIN at a workshop on infrastructure, regions, and urbanization hosted by the Max Weber Stiftung at the National University in Singapore.

11-14 October 2018: Matthew and Martin presented their research at the ASA conference in Oxford. Matthew talked about the role of transition narratives in global sustainability discourse, and Martin talked about infrastructures and sustainability in the context of palm oil. While in the UK, Matthew conducted archival research at the National Archives at Kew, and Martin conducted archival research at the Bodleian Library at Oxford University.