The University of California at Davis provides a general introduction to tea, including its history and economic geography, on its “All about tea” page.

Link to the Rainforest Alliance’s most recent Sustainable Agriculture Standard. This is the standard used for all the crops and products that the Rainforest Alliance certifies in all countries covered by the standard.

Links to Fairtrade’s tea standards for small producer organizations (SPOs) and traders and for hired labor (HL) and traders. Depending on the size and type of farm, producers will use different standards. These standards are currently being reviewed.

Weekly market reports, weekly auction prices, and monthly tea production from Van Rees, one of the oldest tea traders in the world.

Some of our favorite books (with links to buy):
The Darjeeling Distinction by Sarah Besky
Steeped in Heritage by Sarah Ives
Puer Tea by Jinghong Zhang
The: Fra blad til kop by Christian Hincheldey (English version)